Saturday, April 14, 2007

Classes at The Fiber Event

After two days of driving back and forth for two hours each day for classes at The Fiber Event, I am exhausted! Each day my class began at 9 a.m. which isn't too bad even with the two hour drive. But with sheep, goats, and alpacas to care for, I had to get up at 5:30 to care for everyone before leaving for the show.

On Friday, I took "Natural Dyeing - Using 2 and 3 colors" taught by Stefania Isaacson. She is a very good instructor and one can never get enough from her classes. I always leave wanting more. Then today I had a class called "Llama, Mohair, and more..." also by Stefania. I learned a lot about blending hair fibers with wool and how to know which type of wool complements each hair fiber best. I got to spin fibers such as camel, guanaco, alpaca, and more. Each fiber was a tactile experience that made me want to just sit there and stroke the fibers. However, if I had only stroked the fibers, I would not have learned how great the blending of the fibers can be. At this time, I don't have pictures. Everything is still in the car as I was too tired to unload the car when we returned home today. My little Prius is loaded to the gills with fiber, my wheel, chair, and purchased supplies including a super picker and a carder I just purchased. I am now in the business of mixing fibers and trying to make a little cash once in awhile with what I have designed. I am SO excited!!! Yippee!!! I finally have a carder!
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