Monday, April 16, 2007

Fiber Fest Hand-Dyed Yarns

Ahhh! I keep forgetting to post this photo of the yarns dyed at the fiber festival. These were all done with Natural Dyes, no acid dyes. Some have been dyed twice, some once, some three times. All are beautiful, colorful yarns and fibers.

Notice the white places in some of the yarns. This was accomplished by tightly twisting the hanks so as to create a resist effect on the yarn that wasn't directly exposed to the dyes in the pot. I've learned a lot and hope to get my own dye pots up and running shortly. First I need to gather up all the fibers I'm going to dye and throw them in a bucket of mordant so that I have plenty to dye. Then I will get the dye pots going. It is nice to be able to blog my progress so that I can share my growth with others.
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