Monday, April 30, 2007

The last of the lambs

Wow!! It has been 10 whole days since my last post. I didn't realize I was so busy!! LOL!! The first 7 days of coccidiosis treatment has ended and now we are on the weekly dosage. As they say, 'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.'

The last two mornings in a row has been very pleasant. When I went to milk Margaret yesterday morning, one of my Shetland/Finn ewes just finished birthing the 2nd lamb. Both are little ram lambs but very nice. One has very tight curls that makes me think of his fleece as 'mudcloth' right now because the curls are tight against his skin. The other little ram has tight curls across his shoulders but his back and hips have large soft pincurls. Very soft fleece. More Finn came out in him than his brother.

Then this morning when I went to milk, my last ewe was feeding a gorgeous chocolate ram lamb that she must have birthed early this morning because at 11 last night there was no baby at her side. This little fellow is beautiful! I wish he was a ewe instead of a ram. He is related to everyone so I can't keep him. Just take a look at his photo. He is a soft milk chocolate on his head and the chocolate color gets darker until he is a very dark chocolate on his hind end. A beautiful color!! Can't wait to see how he fades as he gets a little older!

We went to a herding clinic yesterday to see what all we have to do to get Mozart and Daisy ready for herding. It sure seems like a lot of work to me. But if I can get them trained, it will be well worth it as I don't like chasing that one errant sheep that doesn't seem to get the 'follow the leader' mentality that sheep are supposed to have. Now with all the lambs we have - final count is 10 - I'm sure that I'll have to whip them into shape so that they too will follow the leader.

I got a phone call from a quilting celebrity for another pair of handmade socks. I made her several pair already and had my mother give them to her at a quilt retreat. Now she wants 2 more pair. Gotta get knitting! Even if it is outside!!

It looks as though the weather will be beautiful this week. I don't want to waste any of the sunshine so I must go and enjoy it. A lot of work to do outside. Enjoy the weather while you can and keep watching for new posts of exciting things happening on the farm.
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