Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sharing the Farm

It only seems natural to have a blog and share with others the joys and pains of owning and raising fiber animals. So far this spring, my flocks have increased by 9 animals. My 2 year old Saanen doe, Margaret, was bred to a Boer buck in late fall. I bred her to a Boer because she failed to produce anything last season and the vet feared she was sterile. Since the neighbors have Boers, it was much easier than driving 45 miles to have "crop failure" again. However, Margaret surprised me with a set of twins - one doe, one buck. Margaret was a character as a kid and last summer was the "babysitter of choice" by all the other mommas in the pastures. She did her best to teach all the "kids" in the pastures how to escape, open gates, etc. I can hardly wait to see if her kids are chips off the old block. As I get more pictures of the sheep, lambs, alpacas, and kids, I will try to keep this site up to date.

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