Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sheep Life

As I gaze around the farm, I see lambs basking in the sun and resting while their mommas graze peacefully. Sometimes if a momma eats her fill early, she will lounge with her young and enjoy the fact that they aren't hungry but that she can still be close to them. Sheep seem to be a more peaceful, relaxed animal than my Angora goats who always seem to be searching for something and bleating at the sight of humans, dogs, or anything that doesn't belong. The two species are almost like opposites in personality and behavior.

The first photo I'm posting today is of Naomi and Ruth, the Border Leicester twins. Notice how leggy they are. The trunk of their bodies is completely coverd with very tight, tiny "pincurls." Their legs have very straight coarse hair. Naomi is leaning against the white shed while Ruth is curious and always into something. Ruth is one of our bottle babies and very friendly. Her momma lets her suckle now, but hasn't enough milk to support two very hungry girls.

Then there are the 3/4 babydoll/1/4 Finn girls - Violet and Daisy. There momma, Melody, is a 50/50 blend of Finn and Babydoll, but there daddy is a registered Babydoll and is he ever gorgeous. However, he isn't mine and doesn't live here so I can't post his photo, but I can post one of Melody with the 2 girls. Violet is the taller one and standing between her momma and sister.
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