Sunday, May 6, 2007

Pass It On

This morning after I got back from the milking and feeding, I sat down with a church magazine and began reading a talk about repentance and conversion to the gospel. At one particular point, the article states that "the fruits of repentance are sweet." Then goes on to tell that converts to the restored gospel find that these truths "govern their thoughts and deeds, shape their habits and forge their character." I find this so true. It is much easier to be more like Christ when we dedicate ourselves to Him and His way of life.

I did some small deed the other day for one of my cousins. She wanted to know what it would take to repay me. I told her to go and do some small unexpected deed for someone else; repayment wasn't necessary. She then said it would be much easier to pay me. Ah! Compare the small deed to the ripples on a pond. It takes one small stone to start an ever expanding array of ripples continuing outward until they reach the bank. Our small deeds should be the same. There is a group out there somewhere that began a "Pass It On" movement years ago. I don't know what became of that group, but I felt it a good thing then and believe it is time to start that movement again. With all the evil and meanness in the world, it only takes one act of kindness to make someone smile and remember that throughout their day. Sow the seed, pass it on. Won't you join me in doing a good deed for someone this week?
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