Monday, June 4, 2007

Escapees on the farm

For some reason unknown to me, the sheep and goats have decided to play games with me. First of all, they have appointed me the "go-to" person. If they can't find their kid/lamb/momma, they are to start bleating until I appear and show them where the lost can be found. I don't mind this so much during the day, but midnight is a bit late to be looking for the flock when a 1/2 grown lamb goes to get a drink then can't remember where the others are and I have to lead the way.

Next, they decided to take turns escaping and running over to the neighbors to visit. They always seem to know what the car pulling out of the drive means: time to go visit! Nothing like returning home from town to see a note taped on the gate to let us know the sheep are next door. Next door is about 1000 yards away so by the time we get them home, they are too tired to play escapee for a day or two.

Finally, the lambs tend to follow one momma until they get thirsty. Then there is a lamb scramble with someone always winding up at the gate to the yard screaming his/her little lungs out to let me know they need help because momma can't be found.

I'm not getting a lot done nowdays with all the searches I end up doing in a day. However, if I go down to the studio in the barn, they all follow me there and lay in the shade until I return to the house. Perhaps I should spend more time in the barn. Then I wouldn't be spending so much time chasing sheep.

I'll take the camera out tomorrow and get some photos of my chocolate Shetland/Finn ram lamb. He is a beauty but if he remains on the farm, he will end up being freezer fodder. I certainly hope that I can sell him before that time comes. His genetics are good as his grandma is a quad and quint producer and the fiber is excellent. I can't wait until fall to shear him so I will have some chocolate fleece.