Friday, July 13, 2007

Carpe Diem

I know that I posted a blog with pictures of the socks I mailed off. However, it isn't here anywhere so I must have not saved it. That's what happens when I get in a hurry. I'll have to dig out the pics and try posting them at another time as they aren't saved on this computer.

As of this evening, I have completed 942 yards of yarn this week. I first completed a wool hank of 196 yards that was from hand dyed red, purple, and yellow roving. I spun the singles on a drop spindle then plied it on my wheel. That was the last of the 1 pound of that roving that I had. Then I managed to get 398 yards of Shetland spun and plied. It is hanging on a hanger drying at this time along with the 3rd hank of yarn that was a beautiful coral color of wool and silk and it made up into 348 yards. Altogether this week, I have managed to ply 942 yards of yarn. That is a first for me. I did get another bobbin of Shetland on the ball winder so that it is ready to ply also. It will be almost as much as the hank of Shetland above.

I've got to take the 2nd 2 hanks above to the county fair tomorrow. I just love doing things the last minute. In fact I perform better at the last minute pushed on by the stress of missing the proverbial boat. Before I leave with the hanks tomorrow, I will get a picture of all 3 hanks so that you can see my accomplishment. I'm glad that I made getting this stuff plied a priority.
Just wait until you see it in tomorrow's post.
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