Saturday, July 14, 2007

Socks & Yarns

Isn't technology wonderful?! After discovering that my blog with my socks didn't post, I dug up the photos and I'm ready to post them. The white and orange socks were done with some old Kool-Aid that had hardened like a rock. So I soaked the yarn in vinegar water overnight then crushed the Kool-Aid between my fingers while sprinkling it over the socks, microwaved the yarn for 5 minutes, rinsed it and presto! speckled yarn! I wish the picture was clearer but since I'm an amateur photographer, that is the best I could do on this pair.

This pair of socks was made from hand-dyed, hand-spun yarn and then hand-knit using a 2x2 ribbing. I love knitting with hand-spun yarns. For some reason they are more scrumptious than boughten yarn. These are of a lovely red, orange, yellow roving that when spun blended the colors quite well. I really like them and I'm going to have to make some more roving so I can have a pair of socks just like them....well, almost like them as this type of yarn is hard to duplicate.

Now I want to show off my 2 large hanks of hand-spun yarn that I just finished. I forgot to include the smaller hank of 196 yards, but overall, I've had a good spinning week. The coral hank is 348 yards of a wool/silk blend. The other hank is from Shetland and is 398 yards. I hope the photo does them justice as I am very anal about my yarns looking almost like mill plied yarn. Let me know what you think. I just like uniformity. However, I have a friend whose yarn looks like the expensive yarns with twirls and curls and all. I just can't seem to reproduce her yarn.
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