Sunday, July 1, 2007

Too many rams

Wow! It has been almost a month since my last post. I truly didn't aim not to keep you entertained with farm happenings.
We recently spent some time sorting our spring crop. Boys in one area, girls in another. I was a bit surprised as all the bleating afterwards only lasted about 24 ho
urs. I guess we must have done it at the right time.
If anyone reading this post is in the market for a ram lamb, or a lamb for the freezer, here are some choices. I tried to capture the essence of their fleeces so that if you are looking for something to shear, you will know beforehand what you are getting. I especially would like to find a home for the brown ram lamb as he is a beauty and hate to butcher a colored lamb just because he is related to one and all.
As you can see, he is starting to fade, but the color genetics are there to pass on to his progeny. His sire is also the sire to the other 3 ram lambs I have available.

Two of the ram lambs are twin brothers and have pink noses and pink skin under the fleece. Their fleece is very crimpy and at only 3 months old, already has almost 3 inch locks. If you look below, you can see how their fleece falls and how curly the crimp is.

These are two very nice rams. I'm located in South Central Indiana if you are interested in these lambs. Tomorrow I will post pics of the two Angora bucks that will be for sale November 1st.

I've got to get pictures of the socks I'm about to mail off. They are beauties!! They are for a lady in California that likes orange and I really hope she likes them when she gets them. You be the judge. Until tomorrow....
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