Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fair Results

Remember the coral colored yarn I have in my last blog? Well, it got a blue ribbon at the county fair. I was the only entrant in that class though so blue is as good as it gets. Unfortunately, my shawl didn't do as well. It got a red. I wore it to church a couple of times back in the spring and must have worked some ends loose. I didn't bother to check it before taking it to the fair. My fault.

I still have "Brownie" for sale. He is a nice ram with beautiful fleece and someone is going to dearly love him and his fleece as it is delightful! I also have 2 white twin Shetland/Finn rams that have absolutely gorgeous fleece! If you don't want a ram and only need a fiber sheep, we can provide you with a wonderful wether with gorgeous fleece also. I love my boys, but we don't have enough pasture for them all.

Last Friday, some knitting friends of mine came out and we did Kool-Aid dyeing. I haven't got pictures of mine, but will have later today to post them. I think you will be delighted in what you can do with Kool-Aid. It isn't dangerous either, but if you are going to do a lot of yarn, it is costly. Makes for a good experiment.
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