Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lambs & kids

Is it April already??!!?? It doesn't seem like I posted so long ago. However, as with all farms, the seasons change rapidly and there is always something new going on. This spring I am blessed with an abundance of lambs and so far a set of twin Angora kids. Like last year, it seems that my lambing and kidding comes in 2 waves. The first wave, now over for over 3 weeks, has left me with cute, noisy little voices that already recognize me as the "Food Meister" or "she who brings the grub."

I am also the one who finds momma when all hope is lost that she is anywhere in the pasture. The lambs are confident that I know where she is and who momma really is. I'm glad they have that much faith in me, but if I don't get some eartags in them soon, I won't know who came from where as they are beginning to all look alike.

While I don't have any pictures of my chickens yet, I now have chickens. My last encounter with chickens was growing up on a farm. I didn't realize they had personalities. Now I'm finding that my own chickens don't mind using my hand as a place to sit and visit. They are only about 8 weeks old, but I have already named the gorgeous golden one, a Buff Orpington, Beauty. She is so silky and gorgeous. The 4 Rhode Island Reds are noisy and energetic always trying to fly out when I open the door. I haven't the slightest what to name them at this time. Then there are the 3 Plymouth Barred Rocks. They are inquisitive and collected. None of these guys are afraid of jumping on my arm to sit. I did have to teach them what their roost was for and now they think I'm an extension of the roost. Geez!

I have included photos of my twin Angora kids for you to ooh and aaah about. They are adorable and are so mischievous. I am constantly laughing at them. They will be registered with CAGBA (Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association) and the little boy will be fore sale. He is a fine specimen of his father.