Friday, June 19, 2009

Border Leicester X

I have hesitated long enough. I have a beautiful 4 year old Border/Bluefaced Leicester ram that handles well on a halter. I can no longer use beautiful Galahad because I want to keep 2 of his beautiful daughters. Their fleeces are so luxurious and fine that I prefer to keep them and look for a new ram. I am up to 5 ewes now, all BL/BFL X. If you are reading this and have a friend with sheep, I would really like to trade with another small breeder like I am. Galahad throws beautiful lambs, but I cannot breed him to his daughters. Pictures are forthcoming. Galahad is white and very broad across the back. As a yearling he had beautiful pencil curls. His fleece is still just as gorgeous now as then. With all the rain we are getting on a daily basis, it is also snowy white.

Do not hesitate to respond to this if you know someone who might trade me. It would be a travesty for Galahad to become freezer fodder.