Thursday, April 21, 2011

Saying Goodbye

As with everything in life, there comes a time when one must say goodbye to Life as it has been. This week has been like that for me. I've had fiber animals since 2003 and Margaret and Snowflake, my Saanen goats, for almost 5 years. As of Monday, all 26 of my chickens are gone. Then as of Wednesday, my Saanen billy and both Margaret and Snowflake are gone.

Now I need to be selling off my sheep. I can't handle the farm by myself any longer and it is time to move on to another life. My Cormo x Shetland/Finn sheep have beautiful soft crimpy fleeces and are a spinner's dream. I have intact males, a few wethers, and lots of ewes for sale. All are reasonably priced at $125 each. Many of my ewes are twinners and a few bless me with triplets each year.

I will miss this life, but divorce forces me to downsize. I love my animals. They are my children. My prayer is that they find kind homes that make them family as well.