Monday, June 18, 2012

Here it is Monday again.  I haven't done a very good job of keeping up with my blog.  I must do better.  Lambing was very slow this year.  It began in February and is still going on.  The non-winter really fooled the sheep as far as cycling goes, but the billy goat and his crew seemed to be right on target.  I got 3 beautiful kids! A little red billy and a set of twins with a billy and a doe. 

For those of you with goats, we all know how daring those kids can be.  If you have a short livestock tank with a flat edge on the top (Rubbermaid's is round on the top), remove that from the pen as my little white billy must have copied the little red billy and walked on the edge.  Unlike the little red billy, the little white billy either fell in or was knocked in and drowned.  I was heart broken!

Since then, I have gotten them large spools to climb on and jump off of.  They have to have something to climb or they climb on unsafe things.  However, their favorite climbing spot is the wheel-wells on the horse trailer.  ;-)

Farmer's Market will soon be in its third week.  The heat is keeping people from coming as it rises in waves from the pavement of the Cummins Corporate office parking lot.  Please don't let this summer sizzle us like it did last summer!

Got to get a cord for my camera so that I can upload pictures.  I'd like to know who the Gremlin was that took my camera cord!