Friday, March 1, 2013

It's a girl!

It's another girl! This little lamb is still learning who momma is and is still wet! I just missed the birth of this little one.  She has a diluted white patch on the top of her head (look just above the ear and you can see a not so black area on her head) but other than that she is all black.  Since so many of my lambs from previous years are turning gray, I believe this one may be also.  First fleece is always black, second fleece is turning and by the third fleece a gorgeous silver.  This little one has a mother with a distinctive name---Polecat! 

This first year Polecat lambed, she did not like her baby one little bit.  So I confined her to a stall and every 4 hours had to pin her to the wall with my knee in her shoulder so 'Lyka' could eat.  My adopted son-in-law came one day to see the lambs and help with the feeding time asked what her name was and I replied I had never named her.  "Well, she is a stinker like a polecat!" and hence the name "Polecat" has stuck ever since.  She is a Shetland/Finn ewe (old style-look at her crooked horns!) and this little lamb's daddy is a registered Cormo.  Think fleece with length and softness.  AWESOME! I love this blend of fleece as it is luxurious!

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