Friday, December 20, 2013

Angora Billy Goats

I still have two Angora billy goats that I need to sell because they are related to all my girls.  Billy will be 2, April 2014.  As a 9-month old, he bred two of my does.  The one doe had a set of triplets (2 does, 1 billy), the other doe being her first kid had a single.  The billy kid's name is Barney (one of the triplets) and he has beautiful fleece and lots of it.  His fleece extends to his face and sometimes blocks his vision so trimming is essential.  Barney will be 1 in June of 2014.

I would like $100 each for these billys or a trade for an Angora billy of similar quality.  I can drive half way (up to 150 miles) for a trade.

As for does, I plan on keeping the two triplet does and hope for a good season again this year.  If interested, any doe kids born this year will be for sale.  This post was updated 28 December 2013.
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