Sunday, January 5, 2014

Anticipation with Roberta

The freezing rain and sleet continues to melt our last snow preceding our next snowfall.  The weather here is cold and nasty to say the least.  How much snow will we get?  It is anyone's guess as the weatherman is all over the map with the expected accumulation totals.  Anything is better than the drizzle that is falling now.

I am posting a pic of my Ertoel Roberta electric spinner.  I have used her twice in 5 years.  Once just this past June when I had a torn meniscus repaired.  I need to sell her because she isn't loved as she should be.  $500 plus postage is my firm price.  The electrical cord is over 20 feet long and she also has a foot control.  As you can see from the one photo, she has a backward and forward switch, a variable speed control and an on/off switch.  Somehow her front left corner got chipped and there is a slight scratch on her right front corner.  But considering the price of a new one, she is a great deal.