Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Naked Sheep in February!

Whew! Thank God! The sheep shearing is done for another year!  It was like an "All Hands on Deck!" adventure.  Tonia and Kevin Graves came to help as well as Martha, Lana, Alina, James, and Jonathan Fairbanks. And of course there was the farrier, Steve Kennedy and all the sheep.

It amazes me how sitting a sheep on their butt, makes them quite docile.  They don't protest in the least while the shearer is skimming their skin with a buzzing wide tooth piece of equipment.  The shearer zips through the fleece and in 5-7 minutes has a sheep 'naked.'  Paying for a shearer is so worth it compared to me doing it myself.  I can do a sheep in an hour and when there are 17 of them to do.... Well, it sure is worth having a good shearer!