Monday, March 17, 2014

Polecat had Triplets!

Okay, I know the title caught you, but honestly, I have a ewe named Polecat.  A few years ago when this black sheep with the white strip on her forehead lambed for the first time, she decided she wasn't going to be his mother.  As her luck would have it, I was determined that she was going to be "Lyka's" mother.  So every 3-4 hours, I would march to the barn prepared for battle.  Since she was already trapped in the stall with her newborn, all I had to do was put my knee into her shoulder to push her against the stall wall and push Lyka under her.  She did not like it one little bit, but soon learned that escape was impossible.  But every 3-4 hours was taking its toll on me.

So to help me have time to rest, Matthew H. and children came one day to help with this ewe and baby.  Matthew pretty well summed it up by saying, "Does she have a name?" to which I responded, "No!" to which he replied, "Well, since she's being such a stinker, she should be called Polecat." And so she is.

After I arrived back from TSC to pick up barn supplies Saturday evening about 7:30 p.m., I went to do my barn check and found Polecat with three tiny lambs, a black one with white on his forehead (Polecat's signature lamb), and one white ewe lamb, and one white ram lamb.  The little ewe lamb was weak and unable to suckle so I milked out some colostrum into a bottle so that she could have some nourishment.  After strawing them down, I went to the house and broke out my only bottle of colostrum to feed the little one.  So all night Saturday night, every two hours, I made a trip to the barn to feed the crying little lamb.  She would drink a bit and then wander off and lay down with her siblings.  All day Sunday and through Sunday night, I made the trip to the barn every 4 hours to feed this little one.  To my surprise on Monday, I went to the barn and she was jumping around with her siblings and no longer needed me.  When she saw me, she ran to her momma and began nursing.  Whew! I escaped two months of feeding that one! LOL!!!
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