Tuesday, February 17, 2015

BRRRR! Shoot the Ground Hog!

I don't know about anyone else, but I am freezing! My house runs cold in the winter and hot in the summer in spite of a 12 year old heating and cooling unit.  It is the house.  Just two days ago, the strip on the bottom of the door fell off.  Now I have to put something up against the bottom of the door or the air blows across the floor.  In spite of great padding underneath the laminate flooring, the floors are cold.  If one's feet are touching the floor while sitting on the sofa or chair, it takes little time for the feet to become very cold.  I wear wool socks, but it is to a point they aren't helping either.  I'm calling REMC to get an energy audit so that I know what I need to do to avoid another freezing cold winter in my house.

Beginning with next week, I am going to start offering monthly specials on fibers, yarns, etc. or whatever strikes my fancy.  There will be limited quantities of the offers, but I feel I shouldn't hog my precious fibers any more.  I will soon have more fleeces on the shelf as Shearing is March 5th and if anyone needs something to do that day, be here by 9 a.m. as I need all the help I can get.  Fleeces will also be offered in the specials.

Can you believe that we are already into February of 2015?  I don't know where time is going, but it is now flying by so quickly!  Anyway, I have to stay on my toes to keep the listings for each month. Occasionally, I will have two offerings a month, but not every month.  As spring evolves, my computer time diminishes as lambs should be hitting the ground almost any day now.  That means a lamb watch will soon ensue.  I hope the girls don't string it out for 2 months like they did last year.