Monday, December 5, 2016

Angora X Alpine aka Buttermilk

Last fall, the only billy around was my Angora billy goat.  I ended up with 4 does bred by him and some really nice Angora X Alpine kids, one of which was Buttermilk.

Today when she met me at the gate, I took a serious look at her very fluffy coat.  It is about 2.5 inches long and sticks straight out from her body in all directions.  It is also wavy.  But the interesting part is that she has a very fuzzy undercoat.  I can't wait to comb her in the spring and see if it is like cashmere.  She has lots of it!  So does Flopsy, so named because her ears don't droop or stand up but flop.

This winter I have no billy and there will be no kids in the Spring.  This could be my last breeding season.  Knees aren't holding up so well and it has become impossible to find help for on the farm.  I love kids!  There is nothing any cuter in the spring than curious kids!
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