Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Today it snowed.  At the farm, it looked like we got about 3 inches and it was still falling when I left for work.  I hope it sticks around until after the single digit weather we are to have on Thursday.  Then Saturday the projected forecast is for it to be 51 degrees and raining.  Good old Indiana weather!

Now for some humor.....about 5:35 I made a trip to the restroom at work.  Upon completion of my toilet activity I reached for the toilet paper dispenser only to discover both sides of the dispenser to be empty.  I told myself not to panic, that someone would be in shortly to hand me some toilet paper.  So I sat and waited.  And waited.  When there is nothing left to do but sing, I did just that.  Still no one came in.  At 5:50, I remembered that there was a knitting class here at work tonight at 6:00 PM.  It just so happens that I have her number in my cell so I called her and asked her if she was coming to the Center tonight and if so, what time. I told her of my predicament.  She laughed!  But then said she was 5 minutes away and would bring toilet paper.

I have never been so glad to see anyone in all my life as I was to see her!  I would have had to wait until the Euchre players take a break at 6:30 before anyone would have come to the restroom and that would have been a very long wait!

I have combed the storage closet here at work and still can't find any toilet paper.  I have contacted my boss and he has thrown out suggestions where it might be, but I can only find glassware and cookware and past years' taxes, a Christmas tree and decorations and tons of what I classify as junk.  I certainly hope the night shift janitors know where it is or there could be trouble tomorrow!
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