Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Farm Items for Sale

I have farm-related equipment for sale now.  Feeders, fencing, round-pen panels, fence posts, cattle panels, huts, etc.  All must be dispersed.
There are two feeders like this, each 4 feet long and one 8 foot long.  The roof is hinged on one side lifts up.  1/2-1 bale of hay will fit into this feeder.  Below the hay part is a feed trough that catches any hay bits that fall from the bitefulls pulled from the feeder.  I fed grain in the trough portion of the feeders.
I also have 4 large containers that have been flushed and washed with soap and water that make wonderful huts for goats and pigs, dogs and other small animals.  One of these containers has already been cut on the side as my Angora billy goat loved his hut.  These "container" huts do require a cover.  I used a tarp to keep the light in the summer from over heating the hut.  Others use sheets of tin attached to the metal on the sides.  The advantage of tin is that an overhang can be created that also blocks much of the wind-blown rain that sometimes gets into huts.  Bubba loved his hut.
I also have 8, 330 foot rolls of sheep and goat fence for sale for $225 a roll.  I have enough round pen panels to make a 60 foot diameter round pen.  Total for the panels is $500.  These were purchased from Rural King and are green.  Round pens are usually used to train horses in and make great pens for stallions.

As soon as I get the blades sharpened, I will have a Lister Laser clippers for sale (I'm not sure why they call them 'laser' as there isn't any) and a set of Premier 4000 shears for sale.  All my stuff must go.  I have to count the quantity of blades that go with each shearing device before I know how much I'm asking.  But the first to ask gets put on the list.  I also have a jug of clipper oil from Premier.  Feed pans, a feed trough (from Premier) and much more.  Just ask me if you want something and don't see it.  

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