Essential Oils

At a time when I thought I was going to always be sick with bronchitis and pneumonia, a friend from church had her husband bring me some stuff and a little note with how to use all of it.  She gave me products by doTerra, one known as OnGuard (an immune system booster) and Breathe.  I was amazed at how quickly my pneumonia that had what seemed like a death grip let go.  My doctor was also surprised.  He has been surprised for 18 months too!

I had struggled with bronchitis and pneumonia every few months for 5 or more years.  I was tired all the time but I blamed my Fibromyalgia for that.  Using Breathe, OnGuard and other doTerra products has changed my quality of life when it comes to my health and my abilities.  I am amazed at how far a few drops from a bottle goes.  It took me 18 months using Breathe every day to use an entire bottle.  Until you try it, you won't believe me.  I am sold on all of doTerra's products and will continue to use them because life is worth living!
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