Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cria Playtime)

In the ten years that I have had alpacas, I've never had two babies on the ground at the same time.  With Sonata and the new baby only 9 days apart, I am getting to watch them play and it is a joy to watch them develop relationships and race around and bounce in much the same manner that lambs do in the springtime.  Their innocence is so pure and free.  I could sit and watch them all day.  Unfortunately, I only have today and tomorrow off, so it is back to The Indiana State Fair (http://www.in.gov/statefair/fair/ ) for me on Thursday.  Just too much to do to really enjoy being home these two days.  But after Sunday, I am home until November.  Then it is NAILE (http://www.livestockexpo.org/).

I do my best to help promote agricultural aspirations of my own by demoing spinning and the fiber arts.  I see more and more youth fascinated over getting to make something with their own hands.  I am delighted at the opportunities to share what I love - the fibers, the animals, the tactile experience.  My Father in Heaven blessed me with these skills and talents and it is my job to share the blessings and talents with others.  I hope I'm doing well at sharing with others.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's a girl!!!

Of all the surprises I've had this summer, a little white alpaca girl was not one of them.  When I arrived home this evening from the Indiana State Fair, there she was---long wispy eyelashes and a petite little walk, very straight legs and so, so, so sweet!  I didn't take a camera to the barn so everyone will have to wait until tomorrow evening for pictures.  She is the daughter of WindSong Harmony.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Good-Bye Bhyrr!

It is with heavy heart that I have to share with all reading this, that Bhyrr, the mother of my triplets was found dead in her shed last evening at the time of chores.  She was a good mother and a sweet Angora doe.  Her daughters (Tripoli, Little Girl, Brie, and Babette) will carry on her bloodlines as well as her triplet son, Barney.  Her triplets turn two months old the 16th so bottle feeding will supplement them until they are old enough to manage on their own.

Need an Angora buck?  I have two for sale.  Billy Junior, the father of the triplets and Barney, one of the triplets.  Pictures to follow as soon as possible.  Billy Junior - $150 because he has proven himself as a junior buck, and Barney - $100.

Billy Junior, 3/15/2012, is a faded red, CAGBA registered buck.

Barney, 06/19/2013, is white and one of a set of triplets.  The other two triplets are little does.  They are also white.  Barney is eligible for CAGBA registry.

Welcome WindSong Sonata!

This little fellow was born Friday, August 2, 2013 shortly before noon.  He is the 7th cria and 3rd son of Alina, his momma.  He has the straightest legs I've ever seen on any of her babies and he is so calm and sweet.
 As you can see it will be a light to medium fawn color and will be sold as soon as he reaches 6 months old and weaned.  Alina tends to need help weaning her babies as she doesn't like to admit that they are growing up.   A down payment of $100 will hold this little guy until then.  Another $150 at time of pick up will complete the transaction.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's Agnes knocking!

Agnes continues to surprise me.  She has now learned that if we are in the house and ignoring her, all she has to do is scratch on the door and baa to let us know she wants in.  Oh! If you haven't read previous episodes on Agnes, she is a black lamb born June 2 and now belongs to us through a trade with my friend in Kentucky.  I still have to deliver one of my black lambs that wasn't a bottle lamb, but Brigitte agreed that Agnes could stay here since she has come to believe she is a Corgi instead of a lamb.

So the next time anyone reading this gets a bottle lamb, be careful or you too, will have a lamb with an identity crisis.